Client Testimonials


Laurie A.

We have been using Royalty Pet Sitters for over 2 years now. They are the most fabulous, wonderful, caring, professional and loving pet sitters. They always come by and meet our new pets when we get a new puppy. They have the wonderful “Laura” who large dogs I believe are her specialty!!  We have two large dogs that are our babies.  We could not have children so when I tell you these two are our babies I am not exaggerating a bit. In the cold of winter or the heat of the summer we leave our big dogs in and ask them to come 3-4 X a DAY!!  Every single visit Laura sends a photo of the dogs and it always makes us feel so good. They always send an email to let us know they are doing well, or a bit tired, playful whatever the case may be at that visit. We have always had two dogs since we were first together for 27 years. We have gone through many pet sitters and there is absolutely no comparison of any of sitter we have had. We love these people and what is even better is we know THEY LOVE OUR PETS!!!

We trust them completely in our home which we do not even trust family members in our home so this is another piece of this pie that is so very important. One time the lights went out in our neighborhood and our pet sitters even had flashlights trying to get to our pets and make sure they were fed, went outside to go to the bathroom and back in for the night. I could go on and on but hopefully I have made my point. THIS IS YOUR NEXT PET SITTER and if it is not you simply did not choose the very BEST for your lovely pet!!!  I would be happy to be a phone call reference if anyone wants to call my cell phone. I know it’s a big decision and I promise you – you have made the right choice with Royalty Pet Sitters!! There is only one bad thing sometimes when we come home the dogs act like they miss their pet sitters and it kind of hurts my feelings but they get over it soon and are finally glad to have MOM and DAD back home until the next visit!! 

Wilma L.

Thanks you ever so much for your great care and all the extra tasks you all do such as putting out and bringing back the garbage can and bringing in the various items delivered outside such as the newspaper, which I did stop but obviously the carrier did not.  It is such a relief knowing that those things will be taken care of and I don't worry about them.  Of course, my biggest concern is the well-being of Callie and Jasper and you provide such comfort in that respect. 

Thank you, thank you!  Wilma


Kat L.

Once again, thank you for your perfect care. While they were happy to see us today, they also let us know that they have been content and happy while we were away.  Tattle tale, Lilly has not shown me the catbox to tell me it’s dirty or shown me a bowl that is not clean. She hopped through the house like she was happy to see me, but life was just fine while I was gone and things went to her liking. Jack’s bowl was empty when we got home, so I know he is doing well.

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Lisa M.

I would like to add my recommendation for Stacia Rochfort and her pet sitters with Royalty Pet Sitters.

For me, finding someone who I can trust with my pets and my house, was no easy task. Add to that all the special requests I require, and it becomes even more difficult.

Stacia is very professional and is open to any special requests. You can tell her primary concern is keeping the pets on as normal a schedule as possible. Her pet sitters care of my fur girls and my home couldn’t be better, and I leave them in her care each time with no concerns.

Kim B. 

After meeting Stacia and her sitters, and especially the one assigned to look after my two kitties shortly after I moved to the Tri-Cities, I was so relieved. That first trip, the sitter took pictures of my girls while I was away and created a cute little collage that I received in my email. The attention to detail they pay to their 4-legged fur-charges is beyond compare. (Once I came home and even the cat litter under the litter box had been swept up!) You cannot go wrong with Royalty Pet Sitters. And considering they're pretty much the only game in town for this sort of personalized service, they could get away with slacking off a little. But they DON'T. I will always recommend these guys to any of my friends who need in-home pet sitting services.

Chuck M.

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Stacia Rochfort of Royalty Pet Sitters.

We have used Stacia on many occasions to sit for our dogs. She is extremely flexible and has helped us on very short notice. We have used Royalty Pet Sitters services for weekend trips and for week long trips. We have two Airedales, and they can be quite a handful at times. Stacia has managed them very well.

Stacia makes an effort to keep the dogs on their regular schedule. Her professional demeanor at our first meeting was impressive. She told us that her business is bonded and thoroughly explained her house key policy.

On one occasion Stacia called us while we were on vacation to tell us one of our dogs had been hurt. She made a recommendation for care. We accepted her recommendation. When we returned, we found her recommendation to be very appropriate for the situation. We know we can trust her judgment.

It is assuring to know that we can call Stacia on a moments notice, and that our dogs will receive great care while we are gone.

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Doug & Nancy T.

Without hesitation we want to recommend Royalty Pet Sitters. We learned of their services from a business associate. As all of us know, there is nothing better than a recommendation from someone you know who has experienced a service provided. Stacia and her husband personally met with us and did an in-depth analysis of our cats, their needs, any health concerns/medications, unique play habits, and most importantly should an emergency occur the vet they should take the animals to. When Royalty Pet Sitters provides pet sitting services the Pet Sitter leaves a daily record of their interactions with our cats and in general how things went during our absence. We do not worry at all and have full confidence knowing they are taking care of our cats. We recommend Royalty Pet Sitters without hesitation. Please contact Stacia if you would like to speak with us personally as a reference for their pet sitting services.

Cynthia M.

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation Royalty Pet Sitters.

I met Stacia while looking for someone to walk my special needs dogs. I love my dogs and it was very important to find that right person who would come to love my dogs and help them to continue building social skills. I rescue Austrailian Cattle Dogs and my two dogs (“The Boys”) had come to me after surviving horrible abuse. They both were very fearful of people.

Stacia was willing to go the extra mile for my “Boys”, Sage and Dodge. With her efforts negative behaviors were ended and both became happier and healthier. That was extremely important to me to have her maintain the necessary consistancy that was needed for the “Boys”.

Sadly this past year, Sage became ill and passed. Stacia came to my home and offered support during that time and gave Dodge extra care, he was very bonded with Sage and spent time seeking out his partner. Stacia was patient with Dodge. Dodge loves Stacia!!!

Thank you for loving my “Boys”!

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Shellie S.

It’s truly a pleasure to share our experience and recommendation for Royalty Pet Sitters! Stacia and Kelly are fabulous! They have cared for our dogs on several occasions (on short notice for most) and every time has been a great experience. I know when we’re away Royalty Pet Sitters are truly “CARING” for our girls and treating them as if they’re their own.

I love that our pet sitters provides daily (sometimes more) updates on how our girls (Shitzu and English Mastiff) are doing while were away. She’s even sent pictures, shared stories and provided them with extra TLC!

Royalty Pet Sitters definitely provide more than just pet sitting visits, they make sure that our home is secure, yard is clean and animals are LOVED!!

I checked out several boarding services and bar-non I will continue to utilize Royalty Pet Sitters every time! It allows our girls to stay at home when were away and stay on their routine as much as possible.

Thanks – Stacia and Kelly for being a part of our extended family!

Tim H.

The "sitters" working for Royalty love what they do and treat their little Clients like their own. I know my "girls" (Merra and Biddy) are loved and well taken care of during their visits. I especially appreciate the Daily Log of how things went. I can be gone for the day knowing that my little family at home are doing just fine. I would highly recommend Royalty if you are looking for a Sitter or Walker....The Royalty Pet Sitters Staff Loves what they do.


You and your staff at Royalty Pet Sitters are the best!  First and foremost, I can't express how comforting it is to know that you always, always, take such great care of my pets. In other words, I can always count on you and your staff! You always text and send me photographs of Yeti, Kaia, and Pippi so that I know they are being well cared for. I have sincerely never had a single bad experience in terms of missed care and the staff always "go the extra mile" by offering to replenish fresh fruit or vegetables for the birds in the event they get low or are about to run out of food.  Again, my utmost appreciation for consistent, high quality service that provides piece-of-mind!!

Scott and Sara S.

Our neighbor had always stayed with our pets when we were out of town and when she went away to college, we didn't know what we would do. We hated to have to kennel the dogs! With two young dogs and an elderly one, they all need their own individual care. Royalty Pet Sitters was our saving grace! The benefits are two-fold. First, our pets get to stay in their own home where they are comfortable. They can be outside and run and play in their own backyard. And second, we get texts and pictures letting us know how they are doing while we are gone. Our dogs and cat love it when Royalty Pet Sitters' staff visit with them! They take such good care of each one of our pets! And it makes it so much easier to take off for the weekend knowing our pets will be in such caring hands! It's so reassuring to know our pets are being well cared for while we are away! Thank you Royalty Pet Sitters!

Patti L.

I would like to give my glowing recommendation and praise Royalty Pet Sitters. Stacia was my pet sitter for two years while I lived in Pasco. I completely trusted her with the care of my two fur babies, Daphne and Gateway. Stacia was not only honest, reliable, flexible, and available at short notice or emergency situations, she also showed enormous love and compassion for my pets. Often taking the time to sit and love them after a long walk in the park or around the neighborhood. My dogs loved Stacia, looking forward to her visits they got excited at the mention of her name.

Her rates are very reasonable for the services she renders. In fact as a busy person who felt somewhat guilty leaving her dogs in the care of another, I loved coming home to find Stacia’s journal entries into my pets day and goings on. I have complete trust in her being in my home and having access to my house key. Stacia always did exactly what was asked of her and showed interest and knowledge in my pets, alerting me to potential medical or behavioral problems. My dogs needed the comfort of their own home and became very stressed in any kennel situation. Stacia relieved this stress on me and and for them by providing exceptional service at an affordable rate. Her never ending love and concern for my dogs will never be forgotten. I moved to Boston from Pasco which is the only reason Stacia is not my pet sitter anymore. I would like to invite anyone with any questions or concerns to please send me an email.

Kathryn F.

Laura and other pet sitters have provided fabulous service taking my dog out for regular exercise while I was away for an extended time. They text me photos of my puppy happy and tired after her Frisbee sessions. Sometimes they send me action shots! It really brightens my day to receive the pictures and know my dog is in good hands. They also do a great job watching the house in addition to their excellent pet care when we are away. The dogs love them both! I highly recommend Royalty Pet Sitters!


Sue T.

Awesome! Our dogs and cat love the individual attention they get from Royalty Pet Sitters. We  wouldn't leave our fur kids with anyone else!

Linda U.

The convenience of having our pups stay at home is wonderful. All the pet sitters have been very conscientious and have provided love and affection beyond what we have asked. We have always felt comfortable having them enter our home while we are gone. We highly recommend them!

Dustin S.

If you ever need a pet sitter, this is it!! Great, friendly service at affordable prices. I've only needed a pet sitter twice, and both times I used this service. Both times I had Kelly who is awesome! I've only had experience with Kelly, but I'm willing to bet the other pet sitters are great too! I would definitely recommend Royalty Pet Sitters!!!


Annie M.

Hands down the BEST pet sitters ever! Affordable, reliable, and wonderful every time!

Cheryl P.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Stacia Rochfort and Royalty Pet Sitters. I have known her for over 10 years and have used her service many, many times.

Stacia is a dependable, compassionate and responsible businesswoman who really cares for her clients (the pets) and their owners. We used her daily dog walking service 3 times a week while my husband and I were both working during the day. She would come my our house around noon to let our dogs out to play, walk and/or just sit and cuddle with them. Our dogs just love her!

Royalty Pet Sitters is a wonderful business that gives owners the peace of mind knowing that their pets are well taken care of while they are away. I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.

Irene F.

Where do we begin ?  There are not enough words to express our heartfelt thanks for 5+ years of keeping our fur-kids happy, healthy, and well-cared for.  The peace of mind your service offers ---knowing that our pooches are in gentle, caring, and knowledgeable hands, be it for walks, tummy rubs, or a more extended away period, that our home is being checked upon---has always been priceless.  You were first to notice Baskie's eye problems and the rest is history--throughout the various permutations of whatever his condition needed, you have always kept on top of it,  thus saving his eyesight and quality of life.  Thank you for always being able to help in matters big and small, and for always being accommodating and professional in all you do.  Thank you for understanding our fur-kids' different personalities and quirks.  Thank you for allowing us to enjoy worry-free vacations. Most of all, thank you both for being two of the nicest, kindest people we've ever known!

All of us and the Tres Amigos!

Patti H.

Stacia and her employees do such a great job with my pet parrot. Not too many people understand how to take care of parrots and Stacia has been great in acquiring and training new people for this. My bird does well with them (and she is usually fearful of strangers) and I appreciate all the other “chores” they do for my home so I don’t have to worry so much while I am gone. Thank you and keep up the great customer service.

Maureen R.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with you …. when I’m away for more than a week I tend to worry a bit about my little fur beings, OK, maybe I worry a lot …. but they were just wonderful when we arrived home last night, just great. You took amazing care of them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I can’t say it enough. Truly appreciate all you do.

Theresa P.

I've been using Royalty Pet Sitters ever since I've moved to Richland, WA. I think they might be even better than the friends and family I used to use! I know I can always count on them to be there and give my cats some food and loving' while I am away. I am glad I can count on them! I would recommend them to anyone! They are GREAT!!!

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Brooke R.

Fabulous service! Our dogs love Laura, Kelly, & Stacia. It's so much better to know our pups are comfortable in our home while we are away, rather than in a kennel.  They do a great job!

Deanna K.

Royalty pet sitters are the best. We have had them take care of our cat family while we were gone and will continue to use them in the future!

Jim K.

Royalty Pet Sitters have done a great service to me and Leon since starting their service several years ago. I appreciate the care and concern they show towards my property, pet and my schedule. My pet sitter is really good about sending me texts from her visits and I know Leon loves his scratches and rubs as he drives me crazy when I return, looking for more. Thanks to your company and my recommendation is well deserved!

IMG_0224 rl fx.jpg

Kandi M.

I would like to recommend Royalty Pet Sitters because of the outstanding service they provide. I’ve been their customer for over 10 years now and find that my pets are happy and safe in their care. They certainly go beyond the call of duty and take extra steps to ensure both the pets and my home are secure in all situations be it weather related or medical. I feel that everyone would feel confident with the services provided by Royalty Pet Sitters.

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Debbie A.

We've been using Royalty Pet Sitters for quite some time. They are reliable and cooperative. They treat our fur-kids as if they were THEIR fur-kids. We can't ask for more.