In Home Pet Sitting

Whether you are planning a day trip, weekend getaway or a long vacation out of the country, we are happy to help you!

In-Home Pet Sitting replaces a kennel or boarding at a facility. We find that our clients pets enjoy staying at home with familiar smells, sounds and all the comforts of home. Our clients enjoy not having to worry about certain pick up and drop off times, their pets safety around other pets, catching kennel cough, Giardia, a virus, or other illnesses from other pets at a kennel or boarding facility.  

We care for dogs, cats, birds, fish and other small caged animals. We are also experienced in caring for livestock.

Your Personal and Professional Pet Sitter will come to your home to care for your pet family while you travel for business or pleasure. Look below to see all that your loving Pet Sitter will do during a pet sitting visit.

Services Provided

Feeding and Giving Fresh Water

  • We keep your pets on their feeding schedules

  • Feed canned and dry food per your instructions

  • Check auto-feeders and ensure they are on, have food, and are functioning

  • Give fresh water, either tap or filtered water

  • Check and refill food and water gravity feeders

  • Refill water fountains and clean filters

  • Feeding hay, grains or other food for livestock

  • Refilling water troughs and chicken water containers

  • Feed fish, birds, and other animals per your instructions

Medications and Supplements

  • We keep your pets on their medication schedule

  • Administer injections as directed

  • Give prescribed medications as directed

  • Apply ointments per instructions

  • Administer eye drops per instructions

  • We also add supplements to your pets food as directed


  • Wash wet and dry food bowls

  • Clean and refill water bowls with fresh water

  • Scoop litter boxes daily

  • Sweep stray litter outside of litter boxes

  • Clean pet accidents; ie, vomit, hair balls and diarrhea

  • Pick up waste with our poopy bags during dog walks

  • Cleaning horse stalls

Dog walks

  • We can walk your dog before feeding

  • We tailor the walk to your dogs needs, health, and weather

Home Care

  • Bring in newspaper and mail daily

  • Daily check for packages to be brought inside

  • Alternate interior and exterior lights as directed

  • Open and close curtains or blinds as directed

  • Water inside and outside plants

  • Check the security of your home

  • Take trash out to the curb on trash day

  • Bring trash can back to home after pick up

Loving and Personalized Pet Care

  • We bring our own laser toy for cats

  • Your dog can enjoy a game of fetch

  • Entice your cats with their favorite string or toy

  • Play with your dogs favorite squeaky toys

  • Start a game of Tug -O-War

  • Give their favorite treats as directed

  • Belly rubs and ear scratches happily given

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How Do I Set Up In Home Pet Sitting?

  1. Call the Royalty Pet Sitters Office (509) 545-0866 to set up your personalized pet and home care plan.

  2. Set a date for the Meet and Greet with you Pet Sitter and Office Staff.

    • Meet and Greet is a meeting in your home to meet you, your pet family and your Pet Sitter. You will show us your daily pet care routine and go over your service agreement.

    • Key Arrangement - Decide how you would like us to enter your home; either a key for the front door, a front door code, or a garage code. We obtain keys for home access during the Meet and Greet.

    • Pay for your one time Meet and Greet fee of $25.

  3. Schedule your first trip!

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We Are Here To Help You
Call Us At (509) 545-0866

Royalty Pet Sitters, LLC and our Staff are Bonded and Insured

Royalty Pet Sitters is locally owned in Tri-Cities, Washington.
We offer daily dog walking in Kennewick, Richland, West Richland, and Pasco.
We also service Finley, Burbank, and Benton City.

Pet Sitting Hours
7 days a week, 365 days a year
6 AM - 9 PM
You pick your personlized pet care plan
Pick your preferred time window for each visit

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday
9 AM - 5 PM

9 AM - 3 PM

Saturday - Sunday

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Request Information About In Home Pet Sitting

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You decide how often your pets need daily visits
Our Professional Pet Sitters can come one to four times daily.
We offer
* AM visits
* Mid day
* PM visits
* Bedtime visits

Diamond    $48 per 60 minute visit, plus gas surcharge
Platinum    $36 per 45 minute visit, plus gas surcharge
Gold           $26 per 30 minute visit, plus gas surcharge
Silver         $21.50 per 15 minute visit, plus gas surcharge
If your pets need more care, you can consider Overnight Sleepovers

Service Policies

  • There is a one time $25.00 Meet and Greet fee to set up your pet care plan and meet your pet sitters.

  • Leave your payment on your counter for pick up when you leave.

  • We charge a 20 cent per mile gas surcharge average based on round-trip mileage from your pet sitter’s home.

  • Additional $6.00 charge per visit for Benton City, Burbank, and a $3.00 per visit fee for Finley and outer West Richland, Harrington Road.

  • Holiday reservation dates incur an additional $7 per visit charge given directly to the pet sitter caring for your pets that day. Dates include: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

  • Posted prices apply to the first 3 members of your pet family; each additional pet/tank/cage is an additional $2.00 per visit.

  • If you do not leave a key on file with us there is a charge of $15.00 for key drop off or pick up fee each time key drop off and pick up is used.

  • A $3.00 per visit Late Notice fee for any visits requested with less than 72 hours notice.

  • Prices may be subject to change without prior notice.

Pet Sitting Testimonials

You and your staff at Royalty Pet Sitters are the best! First and foremost, I can’t express how comforting it is to know that you always, always, take such great care of my pets. In other words, I can always count on you and your staff! You always text and send me photographs of Yeti, Kaia, and Pippi so that I know they are being well cared for. I have sincerely never had a single bad experience in terms of missed care and the staff always “go the extra mile” by offering to replenish fresh fruit or vegetables for the birds in the event they get low or are about to run out of food. Again, my utmost appreciation for consistent, high quality service that provides piece-of-mind!!
— RT B.

Have peace of mind while you travel.

Enjoy your vacations knowing your beloved pets are being cared for at home.
Look forward to your daily emails giving a detailed account of their adventures while you are away!