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Intermitent Work

  • We cannot guarantee hours
  • Overnight pet care requests are occasional

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Become an
Overnight Pet Sitter!

We Have A Great Reputation And Are Always Growing!

College Students And Active Retirees Are Encouraged To Apply. 
Royalty Pet Sitters, LLC Has Operated In The Tri-Cities
for over 10 Years.

Do You Love Pets And Enjoy
Working With Them?

You will be a great addition to our team if you: 

  • Have a high level of integrity
  • Are cheerful and positive
  • Are a self starter
  • Can work efficiently alone
  • Can pass a criminal background check
  • Can pass a drug screen test
  • Are able to communicate clearly to clients and Office staff
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Are over 18 years old/ able to work in U.S.
  • Have a smart phone with texting & Internet access
  • Are a Non smoker
  • Have slip resistant shoes and a rain coat
  • You can commit to working with us for at least 8 months
  • Love both BIG and small dogs and cats
  • Are physically able and feel comfortable walking both strong, BIG dogs and small dogs.
  • Will work at least 2 of the 3 major winter holidays: 
    • Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's (Don't worry; you'll be able to have a holiday too, and you'll be paid more per visit during this time.)

Prior experience is a plus, specifically with:

  • Birds, exotics, and livestock
  • Administering pet injections and oral pills

Overnight Positions Available

Overnight Pet Sitter - Staying and sleeping overnight in Clients' home to care for pets. 7 PM - 7 AM overnight care. 

A day in the life of an Overnight Pet Sitter

Feeding and Giving Fresh Water

  • Keep Clients' pets on their feeding schedules
  • Feed canned and dry food per instructions
  • Refill dry food bowls
  • Check auto-feeders and ensure they are on and functioning
  • Give fresh water, either tap or filtered water
  • Check and refill food and water gravity feeders
  • Refill water fountains and clean filters

Medications and Supplements

  • Keep Clients' pets on their medication schedule
  • Administer injections as directed
  • Give prescribed pain medications as directed
  • Apply ointments per instructions
  • Administer eye drops per instructions
  • Add supplements to pets food as directed


  • Wash wet and dry food bowls
  • Clean and refill water bowls with fresh water
  • Scoop litter boxes daily
  • Sweep stray litter outside of litter boxes
  • Clean pet accidents; ie, vomit, hair balls and diarrhea
  • Pick up waste with a poopy bags during dog walks

Dog walks

  • Be able to walk large and small dogs in all types of weather
  • Be able to check the temperature from your phone to know if it too hot to walk a dog

Home Care

  • Bring in newspaper and mail daily
  • Daily check for packages to be brought inside
  • Alternate interior and exterior lights as directed
  • Open and close curtains or blinds as directed
  • Water inside and outside plants
  • Check the security of each home
  • Take trash out to the curb on trash day
  • Bring trash can back to home after pick up

Loving and Personalized Pet Care

  • Play with cats and a laser toy or strings
  • Playing fetch or with a toy with a dog
  • Give their favorite treats as directed
  • Enjoy giving Belly rubs
  • Showing affection to pets
  • Send a daily report to client via app on phone