Meet Our Team

We have a wonderful group of talented care givers
for our Team of Professional Pet Sitters. 


Stacia - Owner and Professional Pet Sitter

Stacia is a Tri-Cities native, born in Kennewick. As a child she had adventures moving to many western states living in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico. Her family settled in Pasco and she graduated from Pasco High. She and her husband, Kelly, met when she asked him to dance at a church social. They lived in Arizona for 4 years and moved to the Tri-Cities in 2001 to be closer to family. 

Stacia’s love of pets is evident in the many pets her family had including several dogs, cats, birds, and fish. Some of her favorites were Blondie, a Cocker Spaniel; Oreo, a black and white cat; Pumpkin, a lab mix; and Goldie, a golden lab. She and Kelly have had several guinea pigs, fish, and currently are pet parents to an adorable poodle mix named Lucy. 

Stacia started pet sitting in 2005 as a backup sitter for Happy Tails Pet Sitting, which was owned by her mother. In 2006, Stacia took ownership of Happy Tails and has been a full time sitter ever since. In 2011 Stacia and Kelly bought Nanny Canine and changed the name of their business to Royalty Pet Sitters. During that time they also started hiring Professional Pet Sitters because the business continued to grow and grow! Stacia loves talking to clients and learning more about their pets. She adores being able to love on all different types of animals with different personalities and cute little quirks. It is always fun when you can get a kitty to get so into being petted they drool or find that perfect scratch spot on a dog!

Laura - Professional Pet Sitter

Laura comes from a military family where she was lucky enough to live in Germany and throughout California as a child.  Laura met her husband, Martin, while attending college in San Francisco.  After getting married she moved to Hawaii where Martin was stationed with the Navy, at Pearl Harbor. There they adopted Rusty, a husky lab mix, where they became a family.  After a few duty stations, they moved to Arizona so Martin could attend a tech school.  They were fortunate enough to adopt their second fur-kid Sookie, a lab mix, as a puppy where she learned from Rusty, Martin & Laura. Sadly Rusty passed away before Laura and Martin finally settled in the Tri-Cities. 

Laura worked professionally with dogs for more than 2 years in Arizona at a Daycare & Boarding Facility called Camp Bow Wow. She was fortunate enough to get to meet & learn about the many interesting, complicated, lovely and beautiful personalities of pets.  She has always had dogs in her life and currently has two adopted furry kids, a very vocal kitty named Mr. Grey and Sookie. 

Laura has worked for Royalty Pet Sitters since 2012. With Royalty Pet Sitters she has had the pleasure of taking care of your "kids" when they are unable to join you on your adventures. Laura is known for her ability to catch your kids in some great pictures to let you know all is well while you are away. She looks forward to meeting your family and visiting with your pets in the future.

Mitchell - Overnight Pet Sitter

After almost ten years of living in California, Mitchell has recently moved to the Tri-Cities. He grew up in Sunnyside and has loved animals from a very young age. Though he was never allowed to have pets when growing up, he always found ways around that rule. Living out in the country he would find strays at his doorstep and going against his mother’s wishes would continue to feed them and house them until he could re-home them. Though the kids were not allowed to have pets, there was never a rule on his mother having a pet. One Mothers Day he surprised his mom with Princess the Poodle. This was their first official family pet and 12 years later Princess is currently known as his mother’s favorite out of her children.Though he is an uncle to many, he himself does not have any pets of his own due to his busy schedule. During the day, he works in property management and at night you can find him in school pursuing a degree in computer science. Overnight Pet Sitting fits great into his lifestyle because he knows how important pets are to the family and he gets to give pets the love and attention they need when their owners are away.


Lucy - Our Mascot, Resident Princess, and Our Inspiration

Lucy was born on January 1, 2007 and joined the Rochfort family in March of that year. She loves to play tug o war, play fetch (but only indoors for some reason) play hide and go seek around the house and then snuggle up to your lap. She loves to meet new people and likes to play with kids! Lucy is the Princess of the house and loves to be pampered like Royalty. Because of this it helped inspire us to name our business Royalty Pet Sitters! 

Lucy loves to go on bike rides in her dog trailer around Howard Amon park in Richland. People first think it is a little child in the trailer as we approach and they always smile and laugh as they see Lucy happily riding along! She also loves to go on long walks in Pasco along the Columbia River and Lucy loves to watch the ducks at the pond in Kennewick at Columbia Park! 

Lucy also knows many tricks. She can jump through a hula hoop, wait to eat a treat that is on her nose (and sometimes catch it), roll over, shake, give a high 10, twirl while standing, and catch a ball. The crowd favorite is playing dead! Lucy is very motivated by treats, but loves to snuggle above all. When we are able to go out of town, Lucy loves the Overnight Sleepover service because she gets lonely at night and wants a pet sitter to stay overnight with her. 

Stephanie - Professional Overnight Pet Sitter

Stephanie was born and raised in Eastern Washington, and she relocated to the Tri-Cities 2 years ago. Growing up, she was around family and friends who had all manner of pets from dogs and cats, birds, rats, horses, cows, pigs, lizards, turtles and fish. Two notable pets included a kitty named Figaro (after the character in Pinocchio) who was the best mouse hunter, and the most affectionate cat (even letting little girls dress him in their doll clothes). Also, her baby girl Ella (nicknamed after Cinderella – see a pattern here?), that was a Golden Retriever that she was able to raise from a pup. Ella wasn’t able to travel to Tri-Cities with Stephanie, but she is treated like the princess she is by her parents, and Stephanie often goes home to visit her (and them, of course).

She likes to say she is a jack-of-all trades, master of none. Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge have led her through some interesting employments including customer service, life guarding, and law work. Her favorite way to spend free time is traveling and exploring. But, when she is not doing that Stephanie can be found reading, boating, camping, attending football games, or walking along the river front, as well as all manner of little projects (she has an addiction to Pinterest’s DIY board).

When asked what she loves most about being an Overnight Sleepover Sitter, Stephanie said " being able to make new furry friends, and ease the burden of pet owners. Pets have the capacity to be long lasting companions, loyal and affectionate, and to be able to give a small portion of that in return, I find quite rewarding."

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Angela - Professional Pet Sitter

Angela was born in Richland but raised in Grandview. She moved back to the Tri-Cities to attend college. While growing up, she mostly had dogs as pets, but she did have several cats and a few turtles! Reading is one of her biggest hobbies. She loves to just sit and read a book in her spare time and get lost in the book for hours. Angela enjoys the comfort and happiness she feels when she is spending time with an animal. There is something so therapeutic about snuggling with a fur baby! She has three fur kids: Bugs is a long haired Chihuahua-male, Tito is a Chihuahua-male, and
Chelsea is a long haired Chihuahua-female.
Angela loves pet sitting because she gets to work with friendly happy faces everyday! She loves animals and couldn't have asked for a better job. She feels very happy and fulfilled being with Royalty Pet Sitters. She loves seeing her furry friends at work!

Kelly - Owner and Professional Pet Sitter

Kelly is a Washington native and grew up in the Seattle area. He moved twice before he graduated: from one bedroom to the other and then back again. Kelly had two dogs as a child, Wags and Double Trouble AKA Dubs. He also had two cats, Morris (who never met a lap he didn’t love) and Smokey (who was a bit more selective in his affection). After high school graduation, Kelly attended Brigham Young University and then went on a 2 year mission to Portugal for the LDS church. He enjoyed serving the Portuguese people and learning the language and culture. He still talks about the delicious bread and pastries. He returned to college after his mission and met Stacia while he was DJing for a church social.

Kelly enjoys technology and has worked for companies that build rockets and satellites as a technical document editor and on the Hanford Vit Plant project doing analysis of work efficiency and job costs. He is currently going to college studying Accounting. When Kelly and Stacia took over the business in 2006 he became the bookkeeper and also the IT department!

Kelly has a calm demeanor and often surprises clients with shy cats and dogs who come out and are friendly with with him. They say, "they never come out for people!" Kelly enjoys spending time with the cats since we do not have one. His favorite part of the job is being able to play with lots of different dogs, giving lots of love to cats and meeting all sorts of other pets, including ferrets, parrots, lizards, and guinea pigs.

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Kara - Professional Pet Sitter

Kara was born in Spokane and moved to Montana at a young age and grew up on a ranch where pets and livestock were a way of life. Her pets included cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, hamsters, goldfish and horses. She participated in 4-H and loved showing her animals at the local fair.

An enjoyer of art and travel, she graduated with a B.A. in Art/Graphic Design from Whitworth University in Spokane and then spent a year traveling around New Zealand working in various hospitality jobs and taking in the sights. Once she returned to the U.S. she spent some time working at The University of Montana, and that is when she adopted her two kittens, Rue and Pax, from the Humane Society. They are now 5 going on 6 and are a constant enjoyment.

Kara is new to the Tri-Cities in 2017 and has been fixing up her home she bought, gardening, and familiarizing herself with the area. She finds being a pet sitter fulfilling because she gets to help keep pets comfortable, and the more animals she gets to meet the better!

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Hannah - Professional Pet Sitter

Hannah was born and raised in the Grant County area and moved to the Tri-Cities from Phoenix, Arizona in July of 2016. She lived in Phoenix for
4 years and moved back to be closer to family and enjoy the Pacific Northwest.

While in Phoenix, Hannah volunteered at Fallen Feathers, a bird sanctuary and rescue for wild and exotic birds and other animals. While she volunteered there she was "claimed" by a Cockatoo named Beretta. Beretta would break out of his cage and follow Hannah around while she worked. After a few weeks, Beretta was adopted by Hannah and became part of her family. Beretta and Hannah had a very strong bond, but he was unable to make the trip to Washington for health reasons. Beretta is truly missed by Hannah and his furry 4 legged sisters.  During her time in Grant County, Hannah also volunteered her time at a small local rescue, working with dogs and cats. Hannah is passionate about all breeds and types of animals.

Hannah grew up with many animals over the years including cats, fish, rabbits, cows, horses, frogs, pigs, guinea pigs, and dogs. Hannah currently has 3 dogs: a 6 year-old Golden Retriever Rescue named Lilly, a 5 year-old Chocolate Labrador named Hazel, and last, but not least, a 9 year-old Welsh Corgi named Sarah.

During Hannah's time in Arizona she took a few online courses through Holly and Hugo for Pet Nutrition, Pet Grooming, and First Aid and CPR.

In her free time she will normally be found with her four legged babies enjoy the outdoors and soaking up the sunshine or spending time with family and friends.

Hannah looks forward to meeting your family and making your pets feel loved and comfortable as their family is away.